IMG_1770[1]76605248_443198829672697_7250807567708848128_oPastured poultry fed Lakeview Organic Grain.

*as of November 14, 2020*

Chicken Drumsticks (~1.50 lb packages)                                                                $8.00/pound

Chicken Thighs (~1.72 lb packages)                                                                        $11.00/pound

Chicken Wings (~1.78 lb packages)                                                                          $6.00/pound

Chicken Breast (~1.50 lb packages)                                                                         $12.00/pound

Chicken Bodies (~4.60 lb packages)                                                                          $5.00/pound

Whole Chicken (3-5 lbs each hybrid cross or heritage breed)                               $7.00/pound

Chicken Necks  and Livers available upon request. 

2020 Intentions- This year we will be trying something new and raising five different breeds of chickens. We will have Cornish Cross, Freedom Ranger, and Kosher King for meat. We will be raising heritage breed dual purpose Black Australorp and Delaware chickens for eggs, meat and to select breeding stock for 2021. 

To continue our path to food security we want to raise birds that can reproduce naturally and have high disease resistance.

Your birds will be pastured outside to forage for bugs, worms, and grubs and will be fed exclusively organic grain from Lakeview Organic in Penn Yan, NY.

Please use the Contact/Order form to reach out today.

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