Black Australorp and Delaware chickens

Pastured poultry fed Lakeview Organic Grain. MDAR inspected flock, not NPIP certified.

*as of March 6, 2023*

Whole Chicken (stew hens and cockerels, frozen, 3-7 lbs each  heritage breed – fed organic)          $8.00/pound

Rooster  $60 each.

Hen (12-36 months of age) $40 each.

Pullet (7 months of age)  $32 each. Price goes up two dollars per month.

Point of Lay Pullet (5 months of age) $26 each. Price goes up ten cents per day.

Young Pullet (3 months of age ) $20 each. Price goes up ten cents per day.

Cockerels ($4/lb live weight)

Chicks (straight run) $10 each at day old and six chick minimum. Price goes up ten cents per day.

Eggs (hatching) $20/dozen.

Eggs (fresh for eating) $7.50/ dozen

Capon ( reserve for December 2023 – March 2024) $10.00/pound

Notes from 2023- We are focusing entirely on preserving two heritage breeds of poultry, the Delaware and the Black Australorp.  We have a flock that is inspected and certified annually by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. We are breeding and hatching all of our (and your) replacement birds (organically) right here on the farm.  If you are looking to start your own backyard flock or add to it we would be happy to help your coop stay stocked with healthy layers of large brown eggs. All of our birds are pastured outside and allowed to forage for bugs, worms, grubs, mice, native grasses and are fed exclusively Lakeview Organic Grain. Our first hatch is scheduled for March 30, 2023. Reserve your chicks now with 50% down payment.

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