American Guinea Hogs

67513978_10161964449745587_7849951661505118208_oRegistered AGH Boar  (3-6 months)                                        $350

Registered AGH Gilt    (3-6 months)                                         $300

Registered AGH Boar or Gilt (> 100 pounds)                      $3.50/lb live weight

Registered AGH Breeding Pair (3-6 months)                       $650

Certified AGH* Barrow Piglet (< 3 months)                         $175

Certified AGH* Feeder Pigs (> 3 months)                              $3.50/lb live weight

Hog Boarding ($3.50/lb to buy pig  -inquire for more details)   + $47/month

Whole Hogs – Requires $300 deposit and twelve-fifteen months advance notice. You assume all processing fees or you may process yourself.    $4.70/lb hanging weight

For photos and pedigrees of our breeding stock please visit our page on OpenHerd at the following link:

*Certified AGH implies that the pig is born out of registered AGH stock, but not registered itself (castrated male or cull gilt).

We prefer to only sell pigs in pairs to ensure that they have a companion and reduce the stress on the animal during transport. Barrows (castrated boars) make a great add-on to go home with your gilt and/or boar.

We do not rent pigs! Our boars are not available for stud services. They are very easy to keep and you should consider buying your own if you intend to breed.

We do not sell gilts as unregistered or feeders. We retain them for our own pork production. If you want to breed, consider a registered gilt.

At Timberhaven Farm we take bio-security very serious. We have a closed herd and all pigs leaving our farm for new breeder and feeder homes are not to be returned. Seek your local abattoir for assistance.

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